Scrap is money for our customers


What do we do?

More efficient, easier and more economical scrap handling for industries and scrapyards. With open eyes, keen ears, fast feet and a wide network, we offer smart solutions and faster processes with knowledge and control.

That's Rewinner

How do we do it?

We know that a large proportion of industrial scrap can be recycled at its source. In this way, the scrap generates revenue for industry. It's a golden opportunity for companies - all thanks to our services.


Rewinner helps industrial and recycling companies focus on improving their scrap recycling performance.

A new name on the market, but with our knowledge and network after 25 years of creating and executing recycling solutions, we know how to turn scrap into profit.

Old and given ways are slow and cost too much money. So we create new ways: faster, simpler, smoother - at lower costs for your company. We are constantly developing new processes, such as improving identification and screening to allow companies to recycle and handle their scrap even more profitable.

We all win, again and again, that’s why we call us Rewinner! 


How can we help you?

Rewinner supports the industry to optimise handling and sales of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel scrap and precious metal scrap.


What else do we do?

We help optimise processes and sales of scrap.

Recycling businesses

New projects/businesses

We buy and sell stainless steel scrap, non-ferrous and ferrous scrap and precious metal scrap in Scandinavia and worldwide.


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Come visit us at Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15 Stockholm.

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Managing Director
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Commercial Manager
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